• John Ferguson

John Ferguson

Designer | Architect

John Ferguson, Architect AAA, M.Arch, B.A. Urban Studies

John has a keen interest in how architecture can better contribute to a more resilient, sustainable and equitable urban environment. Combining an iterative process with a theoretical approach, his strength lies in generating imaginative ideas and transforming those into real-world spaces. John uses his background in visualization and rendering not only as a means of representing a finished design, but also to test and refine design solutions. Outside of architecture, John advocates for improved cycling infrastructure and champions social and cooperative housing initiatives. He is also an avid star trek fan and musician.


John Ferguson holds a Masters of Architecture from University of Calgary, and a Bachelor of Arts Urban Studies from the University of Calgary. He is a member of the Alberta Association of Architects (Architect AAA).

Project Experience:

Metro Vancouver Waste-to-Energy Facility, Burnaby, BC

Sapperton District Energy, New Westminster, BC

While at SMstudio:

Hoesgen Residence, Tofino, BC

Parker Residence, Bowen Island, BC

Montgomery Residence, Bowen Island, BC

Kokomo Restaurant, Port Moody, BC

Kokomo Restaurant, Vancouver, BC

Forest House, Bowen Island, BC


The Military Museums, Calgary, AB

Edmonton Vehicle Storage Lot, Edmonton, AB

Sara Hilden Art Museum, Tampere, Finland

Ramsay Brewery, Calgary, AB

While at MoDA:

Calgary Japanese Cultural Centre, Calgary, AB

Altadore Townhouses, Calgary, AB

Sunnyhill Co-op Housing Retrofit, Calgary, AB

Attabotics Headquarters, Calgary, AB

Attabotics Office Interiors, Calgary, AB

Winnipeg Warming Huts, Winnipeg, MB

FARM Food Hub, Edmonton, AB

GROW Multifamily, Calgary, AB

Switchbloc Multifamily, Calgary, AB

The Livery Shop, Calgary, AB

HIVE Mixed Use, Calgary, AB

CRAFT Beer Market 10th Avenue, Calgary, AB

De Kryuff Residence, Calgary, AB

Mckernan Multifamily, Edmonton, AB

Museum of Contemporary Art, Calgary, AB

Village Multifamily, Calgary, AB